Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Hey guys. The flight was much better this time. Even though China air gives you legroom for Chinese sized people. And Chinese sized food portions! Again, they forgot that I was a vegetarian so I had to pick my way around the flesh to uncover the tasty grains of rice hiding in the goo that was dinner. But them's the joys of flying, and Jerry Seinfeld has already used up the good material on that topic.

To welcome my arrival, Hamburg had a huge festival called Christopher Street Day (a smaller, day version of Mardi Gras) and I must say I was flattered. Also, it was another reminder of how liberal a country I am in. One guy fell over backwards and I saw his entire anus! Yes, he was wearing chaps. Very eye opening. Pun completely intended. They released balloons into the sky at the end for AIDS victims, I started to sing "99 luftbalons" and then realised that was entirely inappropriate, so I stopped. More soon, friends!